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Attrape Fruit


Every new game Fruit CatcherImpressive and addictive casual game with an endless gameplay !
Catch as many fruits that appear on screen! Make benefit everyone by sharing your highest score on Facebook for example.
- AboutThe goal is simple, you must choose your first game mode, there are two modes, the first mode will be to 20 points as soon as possible, and the second mode will be to make the most points in 30 seconds lap top !Try to beat your own record, for each proposed method !
The game- Simple click on any fruit as soon as possible using your finger or stylus- You get points if you catch a fruit- You lose points if you catch a treat- Your score is reset to 0 if you click the monster !
Fruits included: (+1)- Apple- Orange- Banana- Pear- Strawberry- Kiwi- Grapes
The delicacies included: (-1)- Chips- Chocolate- Hamburger- Soda- Donuts- Hot-Dog
And a monster who gives your score 0, careful not to make you have ! By cons you can enjoy if you are in the negative.
Download the game for free !